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  • Transtank P31

    Transportable & Versatile

    a containerized tank design that can be transported easily or relocated as refueling needs change

  • Transtank T4.5

    Product Applications

    tanks suitable for a range of applications including refueling vehicles, equipment and machinery

  • Modular Fuel Farm

    Modular Design

    tanks can be used as single units or bolted together for bulk storage with a range of "bolt on" options

  • manufacturing

    Manufactured to Standards

    Transtank products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements as specified in UL142, AS1940-2004, AS1692-2006, ULCS601

  • mining

    Fueling Productivity

    our products are designed to increase productivity and efficiency whilst maintaining the safety of the end user

  • Mining

    Site Installation

    Transtank is able to provide complete solutions including installation and commissioning

Transtank supplies a full range of self contained tanks and dispensing equipment for the safe storage and handling of fuels, lubricants and other fluids.

Our Story

Transtank Self Bunded Tanks
Transportable Tanks

Transtank supplies a comprehensive range of transportable, self contained (bunded or double wall) fuel, lubricant and fluid storage tanks and related dispensing equipment worldwide.

Transtank pioneered the concept of a self contained fuel tank ... a tank within a tank ... in a containerized and transportable form.

From this original concept, almost 15 years ago; Transtank has developed a complete range of products designed for safe storage and handling of fluids.

A key features of our products is the modular design; making them easy to transport across the globe ... or relocate as refueling needs change.

Transtank is able to meet all your fuel, lubricant and fluid storage and dispensing requirements from site and project evaluations through to transportation, installation and training.

Transtank prides itself on the range and standard of our products. Quality is the standard we’ve set for our products and we’ll not forsake this.

Our customers, our environment, your business is far too important to us to produce cheaper, inferior products.

Please contact us for more information on our products and services. We have a global network of contacts and representatives available to assist with your inquiry.